The life of your carpet can be extended with simple maintenance - it doesn't take much. Think of it in terms of dirt and texture. Dirt (particles, grit, etc - this is not staining) puts abrasive wear on carpet fibers. Keep dirt out of the carpet by regular vacuuming, entry mats, and professional cleaning. Soiling is when carpets have dirt that is left in the fiber for years, and loses the ability to get clean. Texture is trickier - carpet "texture retention warranties" offer protection for the fiber content, but not necessarily for looking like brand new.

You can protect your carpet by vacuuming regularly with a good vacuum with a beater bar. We recommend avoiding Dyson and Shark brand vacuums. See a specialty vacuum store for better options, and review the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) recommendations. Your carpet needs periodic deep cleaning that is beyond the capability of a home vacuum. For this, the Carpet & Rug Institute recommends professional hot water extraction, aka steam cleaning every 12-18 months. Most carpet manufacturers defer to the CRI guidelines for warranty and maintenance recommendations.


Manufacturer resources:

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Hard surface

Laminate, luxury vinyl tile/plank, sheet vinyl, and hardwood. For any hard surface floor, the main concern should be scratch protection. All the floors we sell have varying degrees of scratch resistance, but none are scratch-proof (unfortunately!). Ceramic and porcelain are the exceptions - basically scratch-proof.

Use these guidelines to stay safe:
- Keep dirt and grit off the floor as much as possible. Grit works like sandpaper on your floor when it's between your shoe (or any other moving object) and the floor. Vacuum and sweep often.
- Use a mat inside entrances to collect dirt before it can move on in.
- Always use some protection when moving heavy furniture, like plywood or heavy cardboard.
- Use a plastic floor mat underneath office chairs.

Here are some manufacturer guidelines to reference:

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Please call/email us anytime for maintenance and warranty information specific to your floor.