Laminate flooring is the most scratch resistant type of flooring for your house

If durability and scratch resistance is important to you (and why wouldn't it be?), laminate flooring should be on your radar. It's not a new type of flooring. It's been around and tested. Of course, there are poor quality laminates that don't hold up - but that's not a problem unique to laminate only. Remember, cheap price = probably won't last very long.

Why is laminate so good?

Unlike hardwood, a good laminate has a higher density core, and a top layer finish kind of like a formica countertop. This wear layer is very hard. Harder, in fact, than a vinyl plank wear layer. Like any type of flooring (carpet, hardwood, vinyl, etc), laminate has better ones and not-so-better ones. The way to tell is to look for the AC rating. That's short for abrasion class. It's a way to measure the scratch resistance of the wear layer. It's measured in a range from 1-6. You want something with a minimum of 3. Better to have 4, and above that is considered commercial.

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Where can you find samples of this fine flooring? Of course, our showroom offers the best experience, with real samples. But websites offer a convenient shopping platform, so with that in mind, here are some of our laminate flooring lines.

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