Vinyl flooring at Weaver's Carpet & Tile

Vinyl is a cost-effective but beautiful and durable floor. Some people know it as linoleum. Many people love it for its practicality and cleanability. Most often people use vinyl for:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Entry

The manufacturing process allows many beautiful designs. Tile and wood are the most popular, but newer contemporary patterns attract many people also. Do you like a rustic pattern or clean and clear? We have it!

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Congoleum is our most popular resilient vinyl flooring brand. And no wonder, with Scotchguard manufactured in the finish of most floors they make.

What is Scotchguard? It's non-stick for your floor, just like you can get non-stick for your cookware. Clean up is a breeze - even bad sticky spots release the dirt with no issues. Magic marker doesn't stay permanently (yes, we tried permanent markers!).

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