When it makes sense to switch to carpet

Carpet has been a very popular choice among homeowners for many years and continues to be a top pick to this day. In fact, those who are loyal to this particular material are not likely to switch to anything else, because they’ve come to love it. What is it about this floor covering that makes it stand out above all the rest? Well, that’s something we’re getting ready to tell you about. At Weaver’s Carpet & Tile, we know a thing or two about carpet. And we know how to match homeowners with the perfect floor covering to suit their needs. We service the areas of Lebanon, Ephrata, Womelsdorf, Bethel, Jonestown, Palmyra, and Manheim with a showroom located in Lebanon, PA. We invite you to stop by to check out our full line of flooring. Our flooring professionals will be standing by to answer any flooring related questions as well.

Carpet perks you need to know about

One of the first things you’ll notice about carpet is how it simply seems to soak up the noise in your home. This is not only true on a room to room basis, but between floors as well. For this reason alone, it’s a main choice of floor covering in rooms such as bedroom and home offices, where low noise levels are important. The next thing you’re likely to notice is that you simply can’t match the soft underfoot feel and the warmth it retains. There’s nothing worse than your feet hitting a cold, hard floor first thing in the morning, so this will make a world of difference. It can even save on energy costs, as your home will naturally be warmer. Carpet is a wonderful floor covering to have in place if you happen to have children or elderly people living in your home. For the child, it gives a wonderfully warm and soft place to play and makes learning to walk much easier. For the elderly, there are many benefits. To start with, walkers, canes, and wheelchairs are much less likely to slip away more quickly than they are able to handle. It also exists as a safety feature, making falls much less injurious in the end. Unlike many other floor coverings on the market today, carpet cannot easily be installed as a DIY project. Please ask about our installation services for the absolute best results.

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Your new carpet is waiting - Why are you?

You can't beat the simplicity and comfort of carpet. If you value comfort and coziness, carpet is your choice. Soft, plush, and fuzzy... Ahhhh!

You don't have to sacrifice durability for comfort - carpet can be surprisingly durable!
Carpet is a good option for:

  • The family room/living room
  • Your personal sanctuary, your bedroom
  • Everyone's bedroom

Online catalogs

Here at Weaver's Carpet & Tile, we always recommend that you look at an actual sample before placing an order. Why? As good as online catalogs are (and they get pretty good), they cannot offer the reality of touching and feeling. When you see and feel the carpet sample, it's like trying on clothes before you buy. And returns are a lot more complicated with carpet.

Our showroom is open 6 days a week (check our hours) for your convenience - make use of it!
Now, here are the brands we carry, with links to their online catalogs for carpet:

Shaw Floors

Shaw Floors has been around for a long time - and we've been a dealer with them for about as long as we've been around.

Shaw makes all kinds of flooring, but their carpet is our mainstay. The Anso Colorwall is one of our most popular Shaw carpets - its durability, color, and feel make it a very attractive choice.

Don't miss the new Tru Accents collection - trending patterns and styles with tried and true construction.

Finally, one feature that Shaw offers that no competitor offers is LifeGuard - a waterproof backing. It prevents spills and pet accidents from soaking into the carpet backing and padding.


Mohawk has also been around for a long time - on of the big mills around to stay.

Our premiere Mohawk carpet is the Smartstrand Silk collection. As the name silk suggests, it is silky smooth carpet that still stands up to wear. Between the original collection and the Naturals collection, there is sure to be a texture and color that appeals to you.

For a little less softness, but no less durability, don't miss the Smartstrand Forever Clean display either.