How clean is your carpet?

How clean is your carpet?

Weaver's Carpet & Tile introduces Microban® carpet!

  • 99% cleaner (than untreated surfaces).
  • 24/7 protection that doesn’t wear off.





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Patterned carpet in Lebanon, PA from Weaver's Carpet & Tile
Modern carpet in Ephrata, PA from Weaver's Carpet & Tile
Classic carpet in Womelsdorf, PA from Weaver's Carpet & Tile
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If you’ve ever removed old carpet, you how dirty and disgusting it gets underneath. Just think of all that dirt and filth! And you live on it every day! (Not to mention when spills happen, like pet “accidents” or toddler “training.”)

It’s not pretty.

We have padding that includes mold & mildew fighting treatments, but that skips the whole carpet layer!Microban® carpet by Phenix includes a special application of Microban® during the manufacturing process. What is Microban, you ask? The leading antimicrobial cleaner, that’s what!

Simply put, it uses silver, zinc, and copper to kill harmful bacteria and fungi. See more here: Long story short – you want something safe in your carpet, keeping things cleaner. Microban® carpet is it.

And it’s not like a topical treatment that goes away after a few weeks or months. It's in permanently. You can have your carpet steam cleaned, and the antimicrobial stays in.

It’s not like a spot cleaner that works while you use it (or for 24 hours). It’s always working. Like a tireless janitorial service, keeping you and your family cleaner!